Through My Life, I have witnessed My Brother being killed, became A Mother at age 10, Due to my Mother having a Nervous Breakdown, ended up Marrying a Man who Beat the Hell out of me, Cheated, Lied, & I also had 2 of His Children.To be told by him I was a W—–. In High School I Was A Cheerleader, I Graduated with High Honors, Became a Nurse, and saw too many shot, killed in Auto Accidents, due to drunk driving. Please Think of The Words You  Write, because You, Yes You Yourself could cause Some One To Say, Forget this Life. Life is Precious, Stop, Please the Badgering, The Hateful Words,  We All Need To Learn To Love, Forgive and Treat Each Other With Respect.

Now I have been Invited to go on The Dr. Phil Show, YES I want to,  as I see More and More Hate In Our Country, Than Love, White, Black, Mexican, Whatever Your Race May Be,  Remember We All ave A Number, Life Is NOT Promised Forever, Some Pass By Accident, Some Pass By Violence, Some Pass By Naturally, So Please The Word Accident, Did Not Just Come Into Our Vocabulary, Murder Neither, LOVE ONE ANOTHER.. Please Stop Judging. Feeling Like You Have To Critique Everything, If so Write A Book, On Your Life & How Perfect It Is. I Would Love To Read It.

As I see the  Stories unfold about the NFL Players who have made mistakes, Lost their Lives,  Been Incarcerated, My Heart GOES OUT TO ALL